Making this earth a better place to live in.


So, yesterday afternoon, I was just sitting idly in my porch, staring at the birds. The birds were flying so magnificently! Suddenly my niece came over. (She is just 10 years old) We started chit chatting. I conveyed to her, my aspirations and dreams. When I asked her what she wanted to become, she suddenly said – “I wanna become the Prime Minister Of India and make India a better place”. I was shocked to get such a response from a kid but I knew, this thought had originated from her heart. I was sure that she is confident. Then, I replied – “Why not change the whole world?” She said – “It’s not possible.”. When I asked “Why?”, she said “That’s too difficult and will take ages!”

Then, I made her realize that it’s possible. Wanna know how?

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