About this blog:
So, you might be thinking this is another not-so-good website, just created to make profits, eh?
Nah, we’re not here to make profits. The general idea behind this website is to give some simple tips and ideas to individuals, on making their lives easy, tension-free and more enjoyable.
In this competitive era, you’ve got two choices only: either do or die.

Dyeing is never an option. So, to do, you need to be strong, fit and active from within. We at ‘The Wisdom Monk’, are constantly trying to give you tips and tricks to live life happily, get some wisdom, achieve confidence and find the inner self. So, stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter and try to be a better person and become active from within. Enjoy reading our blog.

About Me
Hi. I am Nitish Dash. I live in India. Born and brought up in the state of Odisha, I’ve always dreamt of being something. I have a keen interest in Computers and wish to do some research in the future. I also love to explore new places. Having the correct perception of the world is what my mom has taught me. She has taught me to be kind and good towards others. Love can truly erase the darkness from ones life.
I’ve known many people in the world who have been through the gruesome reality of life and those who have lived the good golden days. I don’t know is it only me or everyone, who can truely feel the sufferings of the wretched and the happiness of the fortunate. I am actually a lot sympathetic and kind hearted. But hey don’t think that I am soft as the petals. I also know how to deal with those type people. 😎
Through this blog I wish to spread some goodness in the already polluted world. May God bless me and the world!

You may check my personal blog here : My Life ~ “Webbed”


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks a lot! Really impressed by your website. :)😇

  2. Good thoughts out there. You’re a lot like me actually! Really pleased to see that people like you are at least thinking towards a better world. I’ve tried to build one too but failed in all my efforts. I hope to learn a lot from your blog.

    • Thanks Nora. Wow, what a coincidence that the person who commented before you is named Dora! Well, I will try to make my posts better and better so that people would actually benefit from it.

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