Success – redefined.


I’ve met a lot of people who say they are successful. When I ask them how they’re so sure to ascertain that, they show me pics of their shiny Porsce, Lams or Astons. Some even show their condos or sea facing bungalows. I ask them, is that it? Some say yes and some no. The ‘yes’ category say they’ve accomplished everything achievable. The ‘no’ category say that there’s still a lot to achieve. But, let me ask you something now. WHAT IS SUCCESS?

OK, maybe you have or don’t have the answer. Because of the genetic variations, we all are different from each other. Many live to survive. They are totally dependent on the daily petty errands they run. Many are Confined to the dark grey Slums. Maybe for them, Success is a good education for their children or a good house maybe.
So, we can clearly see that different people define success according to the surroundings they live in or they were brought up in. Many people also define success in the way it’s actually not meant to be. Ya, you got it right, It’s more like Dexter.
Let’s talk about some ideas, that could make us feel more successful.

Idea 1 – Plant some trees. or, maybe build up a beautiful botanical garden. If you are interested in a little bit more creativity, look for a zen garden. Really, try it. It will feel awesome. For me, there’s nothing more peaceful than spending a few hours just walking in my garden and looking at the beautiful trees,plants and animals.

Idea 2 – Donate. Yeah, what could you not give a poor abandoned child on a Christmas Eve? Give him a smile. God will give you back. You’ll surely feel like a successful person.

Idea 3 – Care for your near ones – Yup. Take your family on a trip. They’ll love you like heaven. And you will surely feel more successful and comfortable.

If you’ve got some more tips / ideas, comment below. So, the truth is that, Success is what you make it look like. If you make it look good, it’s damn good then. So, whattcha waiting for? Join the discussion!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
– Winston Churchill


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