Procrastination and tips to do things today!



SO, do I need to tell you the definition of procrastination? I’ll tell it to you tomorrow. See? That’s what we do most of the time. We put off everything for tomorrow. Even after realising the demerits of procrastination, we never work towards prohibiting it. It’s not a sin actually, but it’s a wrong thing, a very wrong thing. It’s of course a human tendency, but it’s not good. Even I’ve been to the blame too. Let’s get started!

When I was a child, I always used to say to myself – Tomorrow is going to be the day. I will be the best businessman of the world, or India at least! Years rolled by, but that day never came. Life gave me a lot of experiences, both bitter and sweet. While the sweet things lasted for a while, the bitter things left a deep mark within me. Having learnt the values of the world and the way it works, I wish for a time-machine sort of thing, through which, I could go back in time and reset eery mistake of mine, but as Edward Young has rightly said –

Procrastination is the thief of time.

That’s the bitter reality, people. Often, things go unnoticed right before our eyes, even while we’re fully awake. ‘Later’ – the deadliest word. Don’t you wish, you could go back in time to propose the girl you loved, that day itself? But now she’s gone, isn’t she? Don’t you wish you could go back to your golden childhood days and study a few more lessons in history? But now you aren’t the company’s CEO, right? I know you would wish for that. Everyone repents at not having done the thing that day itself!

But, Is there still any hope? Yep, there is! And a big one indeed! Often, procrastination becomes a boon for many. There are examples of various people who used to procrastinate and now are leading a healthy life. Why? There’s a simple explanation to this ‘why’ – because they wanted to.

Procrastination is a great teacher too, guys. When people realise that it’s too late now, many stand up and look for other options. And many just let more of the time to pass. When a door shuts upon you, many others open! Yes, every cloud has a silver lining.

So, what to do now? How to cure this disease called “procrastination”? I’ll tell you an amazing trick to get started. Just follow my lead:

  1. Go to your bedroom or any other room!
  2. Stand in front of your mirror (If you don’t have one, visit your friend’s house and ask him to leave you alone in his room for some minutes!)
  3. Look into the eyes of your image.
  4. Ask yourself – Is it too late?
  5. Reply yourself – It’s never to late.
  6. Come out of your room, and get out of your comfy.
  7. Go out and explore the world. There must be some place or the other, which would employ you happily.
  8. Work hard and reach your goal.
  9. And remember, never put off anything for tomorrow.

Procrastination truly damages your personal life too. Didn’t your wife/husband ask you to go for a candlelight dinner? What reply did you give to her/him? Maybe a “tomorrow”? Stop saying that people, and live your life. A happy life isn’t just money, it’s more about love, relationships and nature! So, people, I would advice you to plan your schedule beforehand and start working towards making a better world for your beloved, children or other people close to you.

One more advice to the youth – Do you homework today itself, yes! I mean it!.

Hope that you enjoyed reading the article. There’s more to come, so, I shall conclude this article by a beautiful quote:

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.

-Mason Cooley


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