Getting bullied? This is what you should do.


Well, I don’t know about others, but I guess school life is the best. Like many others, I too came to visualise this after I was in my intermediate. Until then, I never loved my school that much. I guess, there won’t be any person, who doesn’t know how being bullied feels like or what it exactly is. So, coming back to the topic, let’s face this situation: being bullied, its impact and remedies. Enjoy reading.

According to Wikipedia,

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others.

Let’s be frank. Bullying is not good. It’s bad. It’s a show of power just to impose your domination and forcefully come into the limelight. Today, let’s deal with this grave social problem and injustice.

So, this thing called bully. Did you know the harmful impacts that it causes? Probably not. Here are some:

1. Suicide: A survey shows, an approximate of 15 to 20 children commit suicide every year because of being bullied in UK alone.

2. Violence: There are examples of several criminals, who admit that they were compelled to chose the wrong side of law, just because they were ridiculed around by others.

3. Constructive bully:
You might be thinking, bully is a sin. I’ll prove you wrong here. Many elderlies argue that being bullied is a great opportunity for children, to naturally learn to be brave and fight injustice all by themselves without the intervention of others.

Present Scenario: The Solution

So, let’s learn to face the bullies and show them, who’s the boss. Well, what should you do? How will you face the person, who’s been bullying you? You would think, I will say “Jump into a bloody fight and show ’em”. Nah, I won’t. Rather, try to talk with him. Ask him politely, what is the reason behind it? What is he actually trying to prove?
Well, many might be dissatisfied with my solution to this problem. For those people, I would suggest this method: Try getting into a one on one fight. It will only make things worse. You know why most of the people are bullied just for no reason? That’s because, they are afraid to talk with them. They are unable to stand up and face the other person. Tell him that you are bold. Tell him that you are unafraid. Tell him that there are a lot of other things in this beautiful world to do, rather than just scaring the hell out of others.

Still didn’t find the answer to your problem? Let’s talk about your problem in the comments below. Share your experience, and I shall try to help you out.

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