Be Yourself!


Well, who doesn’t love to become a superman or superwoman? Honestly every 95 in 100. But let me ask you something – who wants to be ‘me’? Yep, those 5 in 100 will always be ‘me’. So, read on.

Did you know? One of the gravest sins that people generally do is praising others instead of themselves. Wait, don’t get me wrong! Yes, of course you must praise others, for example your mom or dad or your siblings. But first, try to become a superman or superwoman for them. Remember, in this world, the only thing that shall continue to support you in your hardest times is your family. Its an well established fact. So, interested for more ideals? Then read on!

You are the best. Yep. You are more wonderful than superman or spiderman. Why? Honestly speaking, I don’t have the answer. That’s not up to me or your friends. That’s only up to you. You have to find that super hero hidden inside you.

Gone are the days that you just see a dream, and the next day you see your dreams taking flight. If you wanna live happily, you gotta work hard. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t sleep properly and become an owl – figuratively.

Below are some simple tips to find what you are good at:

Get a friends help: Go visit your friend. Talk with him/her. Ask them what they like about you. If they aren’t able to tell properly, don’t get hurt! Maybe, they are envious of you. Maybe they are just jealous.

Have a conversation with your parents: Well, this one works out pretty well with me. That’s because I love to share everything with my mom. She’s my best friend. In my actual life, she is the one I always accredit my success with.

Get out of your comfy: This trick might be a bit hard for some people out there. Go for an outing with your friends, family or your love. Talk with them. They will reflect you inside them. Yes! I’m not joking!

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

– John Wooden

Never loose your identity.

So, I leave this thing to you. Find yourself first. Maybe you are lost somewhere. Try to cross this state of oblivion. Get real. Connect with people. You are ought to develop a self respect soon.

Comment below and share your experiences.

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