Anger – The Soul Reaper!

Anger 2

Goddess Kali: the epitome of anger, Medusa, etc are some of the deities who are well known for their anger. Their anger is so furious that it causes goosebumps to many. But what about a normal human being’s anger? Its far more dangerous than the gods’. So, grab your coffee, get into your comfy zone and read on!

The Definition:

Anger is an emotional response related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been threatened.

Well, I need not elaborate what anger is. Its purely a soul reaper. It’s a destroyer. It destroys relationships. It destroys your image. It can even destroy your career.

The need to control anger

So, you’re angry, huh? Of course, nature has given us this emotion, but why? What’s nature’s plan exactly? Well, being angry is just another way to get over your grief and making yourself feel better. But, does it really? I guess it’s not true. Being angry might be good but prolonged anger is what’s bad.

Here’s the deal: you’re angry upon your friend, because he forgot your b’day. Often, people forget something important. Its human nature. But, why are you becoming angry? After all, its your birthday. You should be cheerful. By becoming angry upon someone, you are not only deserting your friend, but also harming yourself. Just get over it! Get a life!

So, how to treat this disease called anger? Well, you have two options here:

1. Consult a doc.
Of course, doctor is the second God. Try consulting a doctor, instead of reading this post. But hey, wait a sec. If it were so, why would you read this post anyway?

2. Try out homemade remedies.
That’s what I wanna share. Try doing yoga
. It helps. It shall not only control your anger, but also strengthen you from within. The key to prevent your anger from returning back is forgiveness. Try forgiving a person instead of hurting him or running him over by your car. (Children please don’t try this at home). Find the root cause of your anger. The sooner you find, the better you get at controlling your anger.

Anger is not always good, but in some situations, anger becomes the ultimate weapon for change. The examples are various civil wars fought by the people of various countries  when they were dissatisfied with their governments.

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So, decide today, whether you wanna be healthy, have better social relationships or risk everything in your life for some silly cause? Hope, that thus will benefit you in its best form. However, if you have any serious problem in controlling your anger, then I would suggest visiting a doctor as soon as possible. Thanks. Subscribe. Comment!

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