Success – redefined.


I’ve met a lot of people who say they are successful. When I ask them how they’re so sure to ascertain that, they show me pics of their shiny Porsce, Lams or Astons. Some even show their condos or sea facing bungalows. I ask them, is that it? Some say yes and some no. The ‘yes’ category say they’ve accomplished everything achievable. The ‘no’ category say that there’s still a lot to achieve. But, let me ask you something now. WHAT IS SUCCESS?

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Procrastination and tips to do things today!



SO, do I need to tell you the definition of procrastination? I’ll tell it to you tomorrow. See? That’s what we do most of the time. We put off everything for tomorrow. Even after realising the demerits of procrastination, we never work towards prohibiting it. It’s not a sin actually, but it’s a wrong thing, a very wrong thing. It’s of course a human tendency, but it’s not good. Even I’ve been to the blame too. Let’s get started!

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Getting bullied? This is what you should do.


Well, I don’t know about others, but I guess school life is the best. Like many others, I too came to visualise this after I was in my intermediate. Until then, I never loved my school that much. I guess, there won’t be any person, who doesn’t know how being bullied feels like or what it exactly is. So, coming back to the topic, let’s face this situation: being bullied, its impact and remedies. Enjoy reading.
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Be Yourself!


Well, who doesn’t love to become a superman or superwoman? Honestly every 95 in 100. But let me ask you something – who wants to be ‘me’? Yep, those 5 in 100 will always be ‘me’. So, read on.

Did you know? One of the gravest sins that people generally do is praising others instead of themselves. Wait, don’t get me wrong! Yes, of course you must praise others, for example your mom or dad or your siblings. But first, try to become a superman or superwoman for them. Remember, in this world, the only thing that shall continue to support you in your hardest times is your family. Its an well established fact. So, interested for more ideals? Then read on!

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